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Let's get started with why we made this website in the first place. Why you ask? Because WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE UGLY SWEATERS! That is the main reason and second we found that many online and even local thrift stores are jacking up the prices and many items are being overpriced to take advantage of the mad rush for these products. We wanted to bring you the biggest and best ugly and tacky Christmas sweater collection online so you could search and buy online at cheap prices all from one simple to use website dedicated to nothing but ugly Christmas products from multiple brands. Our partnership with allows us to offer a huge selection with the low prices you might expect when shopping online at Amazon. Their safe and secure checkout process that we utlilize is another great benefit so you can always feel confident when shopping online through us.

Outside of that it all goes back to our insane love for very ugly sweaters. We love very tacky Christmas sweaters of all shapes and sizes. From silly and funny designs to just horribly ugly we love them all and strive to offer our visitors a huge selection of sweaters, sweatshirts and other ugly clothing and accessories to choose from as well as party supplies for your parties this year. Whether you are looking for sweaters for women, men or kids (and even dogs) in a standard fashion or maybe you want a vest, dress, cardigan, or jump suit, we have a great selection for everyone. From old school,retro, tacky to new fangle sweaters with lights and sounds we try to list as many of the best items that we can find. We also list a wide range of other accessories letting you add some extra flair to your outfits this year and make your outfit uniquely your own. If do it yourself is your thing we also found the best DIY kits to help you along the way by adding to your ideas and making the ugly Xmas creation of your dreams that will really jingle your bells. For the sports addicts we also found NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey and MLB baseball ugly sweaters that any sports fan will likely drool over. If you are going to a Xmas party as a couple then find matching sweaters and be a cute pair of jolly party people together. Got a big family and want a classic Christmas card photo? Dress your family right this holiday season and get a ugly Christmas sweater for the whole family, and even the family dog!

The History of the Ugly Sweater

Archaeologists have found many fragments of knitted materials and even whole Egyptian "coptic socks" with woven symbolic patterns that were made to protect the wearers feet which date back thousands of years to 1000 CE! The exact birth date of the sweater is unknown but the history of the ugly sweater goes back decades and used to be that horrid gift you came to expect every year from your Aunt whom you loved but that had very questionable taste. Up through the late 1980's most ugly christmas sweaters stayed hidden away in peoples closets collecting dust. Based on our research the ugly sweater started showing up on TV (namely Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show) and within Hollywood movies like the very funny National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. With that came a slow progression to acceptance and then a full on embrace of the ugly Christmas sweater from USA's men and women in the 1990's which then seemed to fizzle out until around the year 2000 which is when the trend really began to experience a full lift off.

The trend has picked up greatly in the past several years and per the great book on the topic, "The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On", there was a large increase in parties around Christmas 2001 and the tradition has only increased every year since then. The days have now changed and today people proudly wear and celebrate their tacky Christmas sweaters. In fact there is now even a National Ugly Sweater Day on Friday, December 18, 2015 and countless numbers of Parties and Photo Contests which seem to be growing in popularity each year with men and women of all ages alike. The tacky Christmas sweater craze is also not just limited to the United Stated. Christmas Jumpers (jumpers are what sweaters are called in the UK) are also making a strong come back in the UK. The city of Vancouver, Canada claims to have had the first ugly sweater party all the way back in 2002. All in all, it seems that the days of dreading that horrible and very tacky Christmas sweater have now been replaced with anticipation of the package being delivered to your door so you can proudly show it off during the holiday season, or even year round!

Below is a infographic we created to show the history of the rise in popularity over time from the early 1900's to 2015.

ugly christmas sweaters infographic

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Where to Buy Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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If you love naughty, tacky, funny, hideous, or just plain old very ugly sweaters then you are in the right place to find the best sweaters for sale online at the best price (many are even on sale right now!). We scan the largest online retailers such as Amazon to find the best ugly sweaters and tacky Christmas clothing we can find. We list our favorites from top brands such as Tipsy Elves, Alex Stevens, Blizzard Bay, Isabella's Closet, FreshRags, TeeStars, FunQi, Disney, and many, many more! From the well known to the obscure we list the best of the best that we can find for sale with direct links to where you can easily buy online from trusted retailers at a great cheap price. We have found the greatest new and old school styles, patterns, and Christmas themes available and brought them all to you right here. Find ugly Christmas sweaters for the entire family and more!

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We display the best Christmas sweaters for any taste. Just some of our featured categories include funny, tacky, naughty, and even bright light up sweaters with lights. We also list some super cool NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB sports team Christmas sweaters that are a must have for any sports fanatic. If you are an entertainment fan then check out our favorite Hollywood movie, TV, and Music Christmas sweaters. We feature some of our favorites from movie classics such as Home Alone, Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen, The Grinch, A Christmas Story, Elf, and many other popular Christmas and popular movies. You can also find some groovy music Christmas sweaters from bands such as Guns N Roses, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and other popular bands and musicians. We have even found some amazing sweaters and sweatshirts that are themed after classic TV shows, cartoon characters, and even video games! Find cool Christmas sweater from the best of the entertainment world such as Superman, Donkey Kong, Mario, Looney Tunes, Smurfs, Dr Seuss, Seinfeld (Festivus for the rest of us!), Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, and even those funny little yellow Minions. Whether you want a classicly tacky sweater or are looking for a new ugly Christmas sweater that is funny, naughty or flashes with lights you can find them online here at

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Get your family decked out in some of the finest, tackiest, and funniest ugly Christmas sweaters around. You can quickly and easily search our website to find Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters and More for Men Women, Kids, and even the Family Dog! We have found sizes to fit everything from a baby or toddler all the way up to big and tall men the size of Santa Clause! Get your ugly on regardless of your gender or unique taste and find the Christmas sweater that is the perfect choice for you this Xmas season. We have found hundreds of the best ugly holiday clothing and strive to have something for everyone regardless of your size, taste or budget this year. Whether you are going to a wild college frat party or a quiet family gathering this holiday you will be able to find many options right here with ease. From totally tacky to utterly tasteless we have you covered! We even provide options for the party planner in need of festive supplies as well as wonderful Christmas accessories to go along with your ugly Sweater such as wonderfully tacky socks, hats and even handmade Christmas earrings! Search our site now using the many categories we have to offer within our menu and purchase uniquely ugly items that you will love for years to come.

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Do not risk hunting and standing in long lines in local stores for Christmas sweaters that are over priced, picked over or simply not available. Stay home and browse and buy online from our wide selection of mens and womens Christmas sweaters, dresses, hats and more this Xmas season. We have a huge selection of mens, womens, childs, and even ones for dogs! We also list Hanukkah sweater items we find too for both men and women! Whether you are looking for a mens or womens tacky Christmas sweater that is cute, funny or naughty, or something fancier like one with lights that light up you can find it here at year round! We have every style imaginable from sweaters to dresses to hats and more for men, women, children and even ones for a dog. We list styles that are available at a wide range of prices from dirt to over the top more expensive styles in order to accommodate for just about any Christmas budget.

Wishing You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Start shopping online now and have warm and happy holidays in your horribly awesome new ugly Christmas sweaters and accessories! Thanks for visiting and shopping with us! We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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