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Let's get started with why we made this website in the first place. Why you ask? Because WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE UGLY SWEATERS! That is the main reason and second we found that many ugly sweater stores are overpriced and so we wanted to bring you the biggest and best ugly Christmas sweater collection online so you could search and buy online at cheap prices. Our partnership with allows us to offer a huge selection with the low prices you might expect when shopping online at Amazon. Their safe and secure checkout process that we utlilize is another great benefit so you can always feel confident when shopping with us. Outside of that it all goes back to our insane love for very ugly sweaters. We love tacky sweaters and very ugly Christmas sweaters of all shapes and sizes. From silly and funny designs to just horribly ugly sweaters we love them all and strive to offer our visitors a huge selection of sweaters to choose from. Whether you are looking for sweaters for women, men or kids we have a great selection for everyone. Dress your family right this holiday season and get a ugly Christmas sweater for the whole family!

The history of the ugly sweater goes back decades and used to be that horrid gift you came to expect every year from your Aunt whom you loved but that had very questionable taste. The days have now changed and today people proudly wear and celebrate their ugly sweaters. In fact there is now even a National Ugly Sweater Day on Friday, December 18, 2015 and countless numbers of Ugly Chrismas Sweater Parties and Photo Contests. The days of dreading that very ugly Christmas sweater have now been replaced with anticipation of the package being delivered to your door so you can show it off and ammuse your friends. If you love naughty, tacky, funny, hideous, or just plain old very ugly sweaters than you are in the right place to find the best ugly Christmas sweaters online at the best price (many sweaters are even on sale right now!). Do not risk hunting and standing in long lines in local stores for ugly sweaters that are over priced, picked over or simply not available. Stay home and browse and buy online from our wide selection of ugly sweaters, dresses, hats and more. Start shopping now and have warm and happy holidays in your awesome new ugly Christmas sweaters!

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